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We are excited to present this new series of Photo Adventures by our friend, well known photographer Dale Fazendin.

Dale just completed a wonderful and comprehensive set of photos of and from Palace Palace by the Sea, featuring some of the highlights of La Punta, including A sunset cruise, tennis, nearby golf, beautiful flora, the amazing food served by Pilar, our Palace chef and the incredible views from everywhere!

This first installment of the series is a short photo journey of the Sunset Cruise which leaves every night from Las Hadas Marina. Experience unique views of the fantastic architecture on La Punta, beautiful views of Santiago Bay and Sunset.

Relax, have a margarita and enjoy the ride!

Sunset Cruise Boat
Marina Glow

Leaving the Dock – Condos and the Marina at Las Hadas


Sunset Cruise view of House

Palace by the Sea viewed from the Sunset Cruise


Sunset Cruise View of House and Rock

Palace by the Sea as the Sunset Cruise passed Pelican Rock. Palace is located at the very tip of La Punta Peninsula


Santiago sunset

Incredibly beautiful picture of Sunset on Santiago Bay captured by Dale Fazendin


Sunset Cruise View of Palace Night

As the Sunset Cruise returns – a special view of Palace by the Sea at night


Sunset Cruise orange Sunset

As the Sunset Cruise returns a most spectacular sunset


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