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This post is a quick update of previous articles on this topic that have appeared in this blog. There are many more incredible photo adventures of Palace by the Sea by Dale Fazendin to come. This time I’ll address safety in Manzanillo from a personal perspective as well as providing specific details to this area of Mexico. Written in response to an inquiry from a Palace guest. it’s a perfect opportunity for me to share it with you.

We recently visited Palace by the Sea and took a little road trip about an hour north. No problems or worries.

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Some guests enjoy their entire stay at Palace by the Sea or La Punta. It is very secure and exclusive there.
There is a 24 hour guard gate for our community. I’m not aware of any problems there in the 30 years I’ve been traveling there.
The Palace has a pool and jacuzzi, exercise room, seaside palapa and beautiful gardens and a large living and dining room area. Massages, manicures, exercise trainers, etc. are all available to make house calls.


IMG_0968 pool play sm Living Room night web


Inside La Punta there is tennis and a fabulous private beach and beach club with a large pool. Lots of scenic walks. Our chef is fantastic and I usually prefer never to leave the house except for walks or trips to beach.  Right outside our gated community is the famous Las Hadas Hotel (where the movie 10 was filmed, for those old enough to remember).
There is a marina, snorkeling boat rental, sunset cruise, great restaurants, shopping etc.  There are 3 world class golf courses in the area. Including one at nearby Las Hadas.


Marina Glow


We’re familiar with the area so we are comfortable driving south towards Manzanillo for restaurants along the highway. Located on the opposite side of the bay from the Palace, they offer beautiful views. Some have live music and dancing.

Santiago sunset


Downtown Manzanillo


Or turning north you can go into the smaller city of Santiago only a few minutes away to find more wonderful restaurants, local shops and authentic Mexican flavor.



There are also large super markets, shopping centers, movie theaters with American movies.



Manzanillo, Santiago and the entire area have developed so much since we started coming here 30 years ago. It’s the best of both worlds – great restaurants, sports of all kinds for all ages, shopping and activities for the adventurous;

and luxury, privacy, beauty and seclusion for those who prefer solitude and quiet. As you know the service at Palace by the Sea is also first class, especially our wonderful Chef Pilar.


Margarita on ledge edit blue place settingMexican_feast_closeup SOUP Pear


We have never had any problems being here. Of course with any travel, it’s best to know where you are going. The areas mentioned in and around Palace by the Sea and La Punta provide everything guests would want without concern. We have always found the atmosphere peaceful, beautiful and the people warm, good natured and friendly.

Palace by the Sea - Aerial view

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