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Sometimes the best way to describe Palace by the Sea is through the words of our guests. Of course, better to experience it for yourself but this is the next best thing (along with our pics and videos).

Howie, Frankie, Sonja:

Spectacular! Awesome! Fabulous! Fantastic! Fulfilling! These are just a few of the words from the group used to describe our stay at the Palace. Exceeded our Expectation!

To begin, the Palace itself is absolutely beautiful. What you see in the pictures is what you get, although being there in person is of course much better. The Palace is very well maintained which is a testament to the outstanding efforts of the staff. The location with its many palm trees, ocean breezes, and amazing views enhances the overall beauty and charm of the Palace.

*Pool Deck from Master adj

As for the staff, where do I start? From the moment we arrived until the time we departed, the staff were very accommodating ensuring all of our needs were met. Jose (houseman) did an outstanding job managing our requests each day and did so always with a smile. Jose makes some of the best Margaritas we have ever had. They were so good we made 4:00pm each day our Margarita time and Jose kept the pitcher always full.

Pilar, is indeed and excellent chef. The meals were beyond what we could have imagined. Aside from the great taste, the presentation down to the coordinated table settings (even for our lunch at the beach) added to the excellence of each meal. As you mentioned, Pilar could cause you to gain weight, so I was glad for the pool where I could work off each meal and keep the weight gain down to a minimum.

Paty (maid) was fantastic in keeping our rooms and the overall Palace clean and tidy. Without fail, after breakfast we would return to our rooms cleaned and the linens freshened. After dinner the beds were turned down ready for when we would go to sleep. The other support staff including Carmen (maid) and Alvin (gardener) were also very good in their roles to help make the Palace experience enjoyable. We met Jean Pierre (house manager) the day we arrived, but did not need to see him after that because the Palace staff did everything necessary to ensure our needs were met.

Sonja, thank you for answering all of our questions and guiding us through the small stuff to help make our travels to/from and stay at the Palace enjoyable and stress free. On a side note, the services provided by Haro Tours was great.

We started telling our family and friends about the Palace even before arrived. All were envious when we showed them the pictures and explained what came with the place. In fact, a friend of ours changed previous plans to stay at the Palace when we discussed our vacation with her back in January. The location with its many palm trees, ocean breezes, and amazing views enhances the overall beauty and charm of the Palace.

Upon returning from the Palace we have all been detailing our time at the Palace and showing the multitude of pictures taken that highlighted our stay. We have already talked about going back. We will all be talking about our stay at the Palace for a long time.

Finally, on behalf of the entire group I would like to thank you all very much for opening up the Palace to us. The time spent there will be something we will all cherish and remember for quite a long time. We hope to visit the Palace again soon and wish you and the entire Palace staff the very best.


Randy P.
Randy P Group

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