View from our Palapa

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If you want to marvel at mother nature this is the place to do it.
Located at the very tip of La Punta Peninsula, Palace by the Sea offers not only spectacular vistas but an immediate and intimate experience with the power of the Pacific.

Palace By The Sea as viewed from the Sunset Cruise

Palace by the Sea viewed from the Ocean. Palapa is at lower right.


Walk down a few steps through our lush gardens and relax in our seaside palapa (grass hut). There is built in seating, lights and a built in stone table so you can bring, books, refreshment, cushions, etc. to achieve the exact level of comfort you require.

palapa_howie edit web

There you are right at the ocean (at a safe height and distance) but close enough to feel the unmistakably, immense power of the sea – serene, full of sounds, effervescence, dancing light, motion, mystery and the essence of life itself.

waves on rocks web

Power of the Pacific

You can truly relax and surrender to the wonder and magnificence, meditating on the magic of it all.

This video, while not professional, will give you at taste of the immediacy so you can experience the power of the pacific.

The video begins with a few slides to give you a sense of location and perspective and then concludes with a series of brief, connected movies that capture the beauty and the feeling of the Pacific and Palace by the Sea.


(if video isn’t visible below, please click here)



Downtown Manzanillo

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Is Manzanillo Safe?

By Susan Dearing

Please click on photos to enlarge

(reprinted from an article at: )

Manzanillo's Malecon is enjoyed by tourists and locals  How many of you grew up in a small town, where you left your windows open to catch a cool breeze on a hot  July night, or left your car unlocked with the windows down when you went downtown to grocery shop? I grew up in a town like that, and am living in one now: Manzanillo!

These moms and their children could be anywhere in the world  This is not to say that you should throw caution to the wind, and dare a poor person walking by to pinch your car stereo, but, everything considered, Manzanillo is one of the safest places I’ve lived since I grew up in Branson, Missouri. Sure, the accents are a little different down here, but that’s nothing to be afraid of, and in fact, you’ll find that Manzanillo’s people are some of the nicest and most honest in Mexico! A recently reported survey cited Manzanillo and the state of Colima as having the lowest crime rates–1.1%–in all of Mexico.

Games, no gangs with Manzanillo's teens  Manzanillo is a tourist town; its citizens and businesses depend on you having a great and safe time while you’re here. Not only is the Mexican army and navy based in Manzanillo, but so is our PFP (“just say ‘no’ to drugs” cops). Even our traffic police wear buttons that state: “Say no to bribes”!

Exploring Colima's backroads  Crime is virtually nonexistent here, especially violent crime. This is not the border, nor is it Guadalajara, Acapulco or Mexico City. You can feel safe driving on any road in the state of Colima. On some back roads, such as this one, you might get caught up in some heavy traffic, but even then, it can be a very “moo-ving” experience!

There are some areas of major Canadian and American cities that you wouldn’t dare walk down the street in broad daylight, much less at night. In Manzanillo and the state of Colima, you can go anywhere, and never have to worry, even the “red light district.” This small, 2-block-long area, is also called the “zona tolerancia,” or tolerance zone. There are a couple of bawdy houses, where women do the Mexican version of bump and grind to pulsating loud music. 

Fishing boats Naturally, since Manzanillo is a port town, the sailors and merchant marines frequent this area for their night on the town. The section is interspersed with adjoining homes, and at night you’ll often see families sitting out in front of their houses on the sidewalk, while the kids ride their trikes and push-cars in the street.

Chilren ride the animal train after sundown  This is not to say that you want to go to the red light district, get rip-roaring drunk, and stumble down a dark alley at 2 a.m. with money falling out of your pocket. You wouldn’t do that at home, either, would you? Don’t look for trouble, and you won’t find any.

 Possession of any illegal substance can be a life sentence here in Mexico, and even though Mexican congress has recently voted to decriminalize marijuana, it has yet to pass the senate. Try and make the most of your vacation without being under the influence. A Mexican jail is no vacation!

Much has been said in recent press headlines about the safety of Mexico, primarily because several Canadian tourists have been injured or killed while on vacation. Please, folks, this didn’t happen in Manzanillo (and according to the Mexican press, these people were involved with the drug trade in some way)! Don’t blame us for something that happened hundreds of miles away in another state–a state that has been fraught with problems relating to drug trafficking–for many years.

Families enjoy eating ice cream and walking together Our local newspaper, the “El Correo,” does have a police page, and sometimes there’s actually a crime on it. Not often, however. Usually, it’s filled with a car accident or two, alcohol-induced fist fights (sort of a “macho man” thing), or perhaps a juvenile running away from home. Once in a while someone described as “mentally confused” is taken back home, or placed in the hospital for observation. Such was big time crime in Manzanillo this month. Not much going on that would make a TV mini-series called, “Manzanillo Vice”! (Maybe “Manzanillo Nice,” but that wouldn’t sell.)

Hey, Mr. Balloon man  Even on national election day, when everyone, particularly foreign television newscasters, predicted riots and unrest, the day passed tranquilly without incident. Mexico and its citizens proved the “doom and gloom” folks wrong again. And there were record turn-outs at the polls.

Ballet Folklorico on Sept. 15Sept. 16, Independence Day, also passed without a single injury or fatality. You’d think when it’s all you can drink everywhere in town, and everyone is shouting the “grito,” (the Mexican cry for Independence), someone would get a little rowdy. Not so in Manzanillo. But we sure did have fun that night, gringos and Mexicans alike. 

 There was Mariachi music everywhere, fireworks, the Ballet Folklorico from the University of Colima.  Mexicans are very proud people, and it made me very proud of my adopted country, and even prouder of its citizens.

No one was on this road but usThough there are many cultural differences, it is wonderful to learn about them all. It is also good to know that as a single woman living alone, as I do, you can feel safe and comfortable. The state of Colima, one of the smallest states in Mexico, is rich in resources, and every dirt road leads to some place new and exciting.

There's nothing like camping with cows  I go anywhere and everywhere, by myself: camping, driving the back roads, to nightclubs, and remote beaches. If I can do it and feel safe, you can, too. I’ve met interesting people, and saw many wonderful things. Drive to a remote beach, and you’ll never know what you’ll find.

Priceless works of art line the Malecon  Quit worrying about your safety just because newspapers headlines, or some government agency issued a travel advisory.  The bureaucrat sitting in a high-rise office in Washington, D.C. and passing judgment on an entire country has most likely never visited Manzanillo, and certainly has never traveled the country as extensively as I have! That would be like telling tourists not to take their kids to Disneyland because there was a drive-by shooting in East LA. Please!

For a peso or two, you'll get a balloon animal  Manzanillo isn’t Mexico City, nor is it Los Angles, New York, Detroit or Toronto. Every city in the world has its plusses and minuses, but Manzanillo is, for all practical purposes, one of the safest and most friendly places on earth. 

Could't resist snapping ths photo  Don’t be afraid, and don’t pass us by because some overpaid elected official in your country makes a blanket statement about Mexico before he has all his facts straight. Visit us, get out of your hotel and explore, and then write your own account of your experiences here. We’ll publish it on, and make sure he gets a copy!

This article was originally written about 8 years ago. Not one thing has changed, except perhaps that Manzanillo and the state of Colima is even safer. Our police force has tripled, and their salaries have doubled, making incidents of bribery and corruption a thing of the past. 

With the recent tourist advisories, and blanket negative statements from Fox News commentators Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck, who warn foreigners to completely stay away from Mexico, suggesting Florida as an alternative destination, make note that Miami is #3 on the “America’s Most Dangerous Cities” list, topped by Detroit (#1) and Memphis, the Country Music Capital, as #2.

With Mexico being the 10th most popular tourist destination in the world, there are many completely safe areas.  22.6 million tourists visited Mexico last year, and compared to other places this author has been, including 13 European countries, the state of Colima and its largest city, Manzanillo is by far the safest place I’ve lived for the last 21 years. Others feel exactly the same way, including Linda Ellerbee, well-known television journalist, who has also written a news story about her experiences and safety issues living in Puerto Vallarta. 

It is truly unfortunate that someone whom I admired for a long time (O’Reilly) can make such judgments without even bothering to speak to those of us who live and work here. It is also sad to think that competent journalism is relegated to a 30-second sound bite, meant to incite and inflame, taken as the gospel, with nothing to back it up. In my days of journalism (1965-1983), after spending 17 years in print media, I would have needed something much more substantial to issue a blanket statement of condemnation of an entire country.

Others who live here feel the same way, and all of us support the country and the wonderful, hard-working Mexican people. Most of us here live in integrated neighborhoods, and our neighbors are friendly and giving. Colima children are highest educated in Mexico, and unemployment is zero. Therefore, as an added benefit, the crime rate is almost zero. There are jobs for anyone who wants to work, and food enough for everyone.

Related articles: “Manzanillo Magic,” and Manzanillo and the state of Colima “Survey.”

What makes Manzanillo safe? Read more.


For more detailed information on Manzanillo and the state of Colima, be sure and order a copy of my 140-page tourist guidebook! Those of you who have visited us, and love Mexico, write your own stories and send them to Fox News and others who need an education about Mexico.

Palace By The Sea as viewed from the Sunset Cruise

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We have a new slide show with new photos and video footage. This may be the best way to experience Palace by the Sea, short of being there!

(if video doesn’t load right away, try refreshing the page)

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Palace viewed from the hill above

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Palace by the Sea has an unparalleled location and 180° ocean vistas, ocean views of sunrise and sunset daily, satellite tv, heated pool, air conditioned bedrooms, an excellent chef and experienced staff and many other perks. One of the most desired rentals on La Punta, featured in TV, Movies and Magazine Ads. Please check out our newly added fact sheet to see many of the other highlights offered at Palace by the Sea.


Palace Fact Sheet


Palace viewed from the hill above Palace By The Sea as viewed from the Sunset Cruise # 7 Palapa View 2120-XL Palace By The Sea - Aerial View Overlooking the pool at Palace by the Sea *Pool Deck from Master adj Living Room night web DEck View 1 web palace staff Palace Beach  2896a Sunset from the pool deck


Sunset from the pool deck

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Brad posted this wonderful time lapse video he took from the Palapa at Palace by the Sea – with his go pro camera and had it take a picture every 5 seconds. Stunning!

(if video doesn’t load right away, try refreshing browser)


Here is another view (taken by me) a month earlier from the pool deck with a Cannon G10. Shot at regular speed and then sped up in imovie.

Look at the color of the sky especially after sunset. We have seen whales from this balcony in season In the background of the video, you can hear a musical piece called Whales from Caves of Mystery Cd by Gregory Alper. Enjoy.


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In order to give you a fuller sense of the experience of staying in La Punta at Palace by the Sea, and a flavor for the beautiful area that is Manzanillo,

this post provides a short pictorial tour from the airport to La Punta and the Palace. Enjoy, relax! You’ve entered paradise.

In addition to it’s natural beauty, the people in Manazanillo are friendly, happy and relaxed. Crime is almost non-existent because there is plenty of work and plenty of food growing everywhere!

The airport is right on the ocean and we enjoyed spectacular views of mountains, ocean and beach during landing.

Landing at Manzanillo Airport

Getting on the main highway we drive towards Santiago, passing along the beach. You can see the location of Palace by the Sea at the end of the peninsula (indicated by the arrow).


Highway from Manzanillo airport into town


Just outside the town of Santiago, the highway runs along the beach. You can see the location of Palace by the Sea (arrow).


Just outside Santiago the highway runs along the beach. You can see the location of Palace by the Sea (arrow) at the tip of the peninsula.Turning off the main road we are greeted by ocean views and picturesque cobblestone streets.

This Road leads down to Santiago bay, we are about to turn left towards Las Hadas and La Punta

This Road leads down to Santiago bay, we are about to turn left towards Las Hadas and La Punta

Driving along the coast of Santiago Bay we see a cruise ship and birds eye glimpses into a new construction of 3 high-rise condos. Manzanillo continues to develop and expand. Very exciting.

Condos and Homes on Santiago Bay

Condos and homes on Santiago Bay


view through window of construction

View through old hotel to new 3 building condo construction on Santiago Bay


Spectacular views of Santiago bay right from the road.

Looking over Santiago Bay to the Pacific

Looking over Santiago Bay to the Pacific


 We drive past the famous Las Hadas Hotel and less than a quarter mile come to the 24 hour gated entrance to La Punta.
Past Las Hadas  towards La Punta

Past Las Hadas towards La Punta

24 hour security gate of La Punta

24 hour security gate of La Punta



The drive through La Punta is filled with views of the lovely homes and lush scenery.

Driving in La Punta

Driving in La Punta


Beautiful homes and landscapes driving through La Punta

Beautiful homes and landscapes driving through La Punta. Take the next left to get to Palace by the Sea


And at last we are within view of our destination, Palace by the Sea.

Palace viewed from the hill above

Palace viewed from the hill above



Ceremony on our pool deck. Beautiful Manzanillo Bay and the Pacific ocean in the background

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An incredible setting for a wedding and honeymoon rolled into one. Palace by the Sea hosts many weddings, reunions and special occasions. It is the ideal setting for romance, relaxation and celebration with family and friends.

Palace by the Sea can help with catering, chairs, tables, linen, silver ware, glasses, wedding planner, photographer, flowers, bouquets, bouttonneires, corsages, hair, nails, DJ (Palace by the Sea) has indoor/outdoor surround sound system, minister and live music. The Palace can comfortably hold 60 guests for reception and nearby hotels can hold additional guests.

Recently, Kim and Marco chose Palace by the Sea as the perfect paradise for their nuptials. With all the accoutrements easily accessible, their special day and week was momentous for all.

The pictures say the whole story. Enjoy and best wishes Kim and Marco.


Bridal dress on the Master Bed, just waiting for the bride


Waiting for the guests


Bridesmaids on our private beach


Walking the bride down the aisle


Approaching the altar


Ceremony on our pool deck. Beautiful Manzanillo Bay and the Pacific ocean in the background


The Magic Moment


Exotic Cuisine


More exotic cuisine


Dancing after dinner in the Palace Ballroom (living room)


Man and Wife at Sunset


Beginning the journey together at Palace by the Sea

santiago bay view

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People inquiring about a vacation to Mexico and Palace by the Sea sometimes ask about safety.

This is reposted from Association Mexicano for Retirement Assistance

Asociacion Mexicana de Asistencia en el Retiro (AMAR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and helping people from outside Mexico to retire in this country. Its mission is based on freedom, trust, well-being, and security for retirees making their future home in Mexico. For more information, visit the website.


Mexico: A Traveler’s Guide to Safety Over Sensationalism
go to original
August 12, 2013

Mexico has very low violent crime rates. Tourists are statistically safer in Mexico and much less likely to be a victim of violent crime than in the US, Canada and many other countries regarded as safe. Mexico is purple, US is Green on the above chart

Mexico has very low violent crime rates. Tourists are statistically safer in Mexico and much less likely to be a victim of violent crime than in the US, Canada and many other countries regarded as safe. Above – Mexico is purple, the U.S. green.

Baja, California - Mexico, one of the world’s great travel destinations, is often singled out for violent crime without telling the whole story. While there is sporadic violence along parts of the U.S. border, the majority of Mexico’s key tourism areas are not only safe, but safer than many other popular tourism areas.

While the media often portrays Mexico as the most dangerous place on earth, it is statistically quite safe. According to which uses U.N.-based data, Mexico doesn’t even make the list of the 36 nations with the highest murder rates. Mild-mannered nations like Sweden and Switzerland top Mexico for murders on The assault rate in the U.S. is nearly 5 times greater than that of Mexico in the independent Prominix report adjusted for under-reported crime.

Even when we add on independent estimates for unreported homicides, Mexico ranks 21st behind many popular vacation destinations. Places we think of as idyllic Caribbean retreats have double, triple, even quadruple the murder rates of Mexico. Mexico’s famous vacation areas are even safer than the averaged statistics, and even safer still for tourists.

The Yucatan is as safe as rural U.S. states.

The magnificent beaches and ancient ruins of the Mexican State of Yucatan are among the safest and most spectacular resort beaches in the world. Yucatan’s low homicide rate is slightly lower than the rural U.S. States of Wyoming, Montana, Oregon and Maine.

Mexico is safer than many cities in the U.S.

More than 150,000 Americans safely visit Mexico every day. And while the media sensationalizes stories of violence in Mexico, Mexico is safer than many major U.S. cities. Travelers feel relatively safe visiting popular U.S. cities like Miami, Philadelphia, Chicago, New Orleans, Washington D.C, or Atlanta. Visitors from around the world enjoy these vibrant cities in relative, reasonable safety. Yet each of these cities is statistically less safe than Mexico.

Mexico and politically charged Media Bias

In the debate on immigration reform in the US, the facts on safety in Mexico have become a casualty of politics. To change public opinion and policy, politicians sometimes throw fuel on the fire. If you make up an exciting story about “severed heads in the desert”, it gets a lot of attention and people believe it. The governor of Arizona admitted this story was baseless, but only after months of damage was successfully inflicted to the image of Mexico. The homicide rates above are facts from the FBI, not political fabrications.

Media Favoritism versus Facts

New Orleans is beloved and its renaissance is showcased in the news. The FBI reports the murder rate of New Orleans is declining, but it is nearly 4 times higher than all of Mexico and over 5 times higher than Mexico City. New Orleans is still an amazing place to visit and the Media is right to champion this inspirational city. But Mexico is at least as remarkable and there is a clear difference in how each of these storied destinations is portrayed in contemporary news.

Every city and country has places that are safe and dangerous. Mexico is no exception. The areas that are dangerous should be avoided. And those that are safe should be enjoyed and celebrated.

Understanding the size and scope of Mexico

Mexico is huge, ranking 14th in the world, and spanning over 2,000 miles from end to end. Mexico is a nation of 31 states as diverse as those in the U.S. and is larger than the states from Texas to Maine. Canceling a vacation to Mexico because of isolated border violence would be like canceling a vacation to Orlando because of the Boston Bombings. People didn’t cancel trips to Dallas or New Orleans in the aftermath of mass shootings in Arizona, Colorado or Connecticut, because they simply aren’t related. Yet Dallas and New Orleans are closer to border violence than many of Mexico’s peaceful tourist areas.

Mexico City is 4 times safer than Washington D.C.

The U.S. State Department in Washington issues warnings about Mexico, yet Washington D.C. is four times more deadly than Mexico City. Washington’s murder rate has been cut almost in half in the last 10 years, but it still averages 24 per 100,000 vs. only 8-9 per 100,000 in Mexico City. How do you suppose the U.S. State department would feel if the Mexican government posted travel warnings for the U.S. capital? Mexico City is a cultural treasure that is larger than New York, London or Paris. In fact, it is about the same size as London and Paris combined.

“Mexico’s violence not as widespread as it seems.”

After months of sensationalized stories about Mexico’s border violence, USA Todaypublished a story about the media hype. While the story itself became an opportunity to re-tell some sensational tales, it did set the record straight by finally comparing U.S. and Mexican homocide figures.

Mexico has very low violent crime rates.

The U.S. Assault rate is 5 times higher than Mexico’s. Mexico’s violent crime rates for Assault, Kidnapping and Rape are substantially lower than Canada’s and yet the U.S. State Department issues no such warnings for Canada. The rate for Rape in the U.S. is more than double the rate in Mexico. The numbers in the charts below have been adjusted for unreported crime from the respected 2012 Prominix report and are the most accurate statistics available on this subject.

Unless you are involved in the drug trade, you are statistically safer in Mexico than anywhere else in North America. Even though the U.S. murder rate of 4 per 100,000 is lower than Mexico’s, tourists and visitors are statistically safer in Mexico and much less likely to be a victim of violent crime than in the U.S., Canada and many other countries regarded as safe.


If you would like more information, please see my other posts on Safety in Mexico.

You’re Safe in Manzanillo – part 1

You’re Safe in Manzanillo and at Palace by the Sea – part 2

Safety in Mexico – part 3

Are You Safer in Mexico or America? – Safety in Mexico – part 4

Mexico Beats Britain and France as Most Popular Destination for U.S. Tourists

Return to Palace by the Sea website

Yum - I'd like that one please!

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As much as you may never want to leave the paradise of La Punta and Palace by the Sea, you might be curious about life in town or you may want to pick up an extra pair of beach shoes, jewelry, get some fancy ice cream or sorbet and get a taste of local flavor.

Here is a short photo tour of our trip to the commercial, what we in the US would call a shopping center.

If you have a US drivers license, you can drive in Mexico, no special papers are needed.  Palace by the Sea provides a 9 passenger Chevy Suburban with your rental. There are lots of new roads and it’s easy to get around. The pace is not frantic and drivers are polite.

At many points you’ll have views of the mountains, lush foliage or beach.


On the Road into town.

On the Road into town.


After a short 15 minute drive, we arrive at the Commercial – Plaza Manzanillo.


Plaza Manzanillo


Here’s a quick tour through the bright and colorful arcades and shops.


One Arcade of shops


You can find shoes, clothing, jewelry, cars, banking, internet cafe and wonderful assortments of ice cream and sorbet.


Shoes = Zapatos


On Sale = Oferta


Taking a closer look.


Arcade Junction



Mexican Silver Jewelry


Buy a Car?


Internet Cafe (but you won’t need it because all media services are provided at Palace by the Sea

You won’t need to use this internet café because all media and communications services are provided in the office of Palace by the Sea.


This local restaurant was inexpensive, tasty and fun (although nothing beats Pilar’s cooking at Palace by the Sea!)

That was a fun lunch!



Arcade exit = Salida

And now returning to Palace by the Sea.


Heading back to Palace by the Sea

Overlooking the pool at Palace by the Sea