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The sensational dining experience at Palace by the Sea deserves highlighting all by itself.

Our wonderful chef, Pilar, has been with us for 15 years. All of our guests rave at the quality of food, the love the care and the service that they receive while staying at the Palace.

Pilar can prepare just about anything you would like, fine Mexican cuisine of course, as well as American, Italian, French, etc.

At the beginning of each day, you simply let her know what you would like to eat for lunch, dinner and breakfast the next day, and Jose will go into town to purchase all ingredients fresh for that day. Pilar will then begin to work her magic and will delight you with a delicious and beautiful presentation of your meal. Her services are included with your stay at the Palace.

You will find that it is very easy to become accustomed to this level of pampering. A world class chef and gourmet restaurant service without leaving the comfort and coziness of this exclusive location. You will need to pinch yourself to see you’re not dreaming.


Here are a few samples of what you can expect from your Palace by the Sea dining experience. Followed by just a few of our guest comments.

Bon Appetit!


Part 1 – Breakfast

“I’m happy to say that we all had a wonderful time, and the Palace By The Sea is truly a “Palace”. Not only is the home absolutely beautiful in every way, the staff was a joy to work with and be around. Fabulous food and cooking.” (DH)

seaside table

Seaside Table


Palace by the Sea Staff – at your Service
from left JP. Omar, José, Patti, Maria, Pilar

Omelet plate


Scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado, tomato, tortilla


Fruite Plate including mango, papaya, pineapple watermelon


Beautiful fruit plate


Mexican eggs breakfast

fruit plate

Beautifully designed fruit plate

fruit plate 2

Delicious fruit plate variety

Palace by the sea staff - Jean Pierre, Omar, Jose, Paty, Bianca, Pilar

Palace by the sea staff – Jean Pierre, Omar, Jose, Paty, Bianca, Pilar


Please stay for lunch (to be continued!)


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While strolling out from Palace by the Sea, we looked at doors, we looked at Gardens. Now, looking up and seeing the big picture, here a few lovely views we observed on our morning walks around Via del Oeste.

right turn view panorama smBeautiful stonework and flowered wall
La Punta Kitty

Kitty appreciates the fine hand crafted stone design of the street
Palacebythesea-1230-L edit
La Punta, Manzanillo Mexico
North Side of La Punta Peninsula and Santiago Baysantiago bay viewSantiago Bayhill viewView of homes on the summitSantiago BaySantiago Bay and mountain close upPelican rocksPelican Rock

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A unique feature of the homes on La Punta is how they beautifully incoporate the landscape in their design.

There are over 100 homes on La Punta, with several looping roads on the peninsula.

Here are just a few highlights from our streetside view:


corner garden

Corner Garden and Fountain

Prickly pear golf grass

Prickly Pear and Exotic Grass



One of the Ubiquitous Palm Trees

monkey statue

Monkey Statue

monkeys sm

Real Monkeys!

Palm Fan

This Palm made such a wonderful organic-geometric, colorful design



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While staying at Palace by the Sea, we like to take morning walks before breakfast. The light is beautiful and we love to breathe in all the flavor of the area.

TENNIS 2_2 sketch

We stroll to the tennis courts to watch a few minutes of the morning games and then loop back to the Palace where Pilar has prepared something exquisite for our breakfast.





Part 1. A Concert of Doors

When I was in college, one of my composition teachers mentioned a “Concert of Doors”, with different kinds of doors placed in an open field and the “listener” walks through them. A recent walk around La Punta with camera reminded me of this phrase as I observed different beautiful doors of the homes and garages. Here’s a small sampling:

spanish gate

Grand Entrance Spanish Gate


circle door

Excquisite artistic design


wood door

Wood, stone and flowers


boat house B

This beautifully crafted steel and windowed door with Palapa roof houses several boats.

stone and grate gate

Nice combination of stone and steel

wood texture
Woodwork Detail
Palace Entrance 1bf sm

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reprinted from   January 1, 2014

Britain beats France, but Americans visit Mexico most

By Christopher Reynolds,0,3387341.story

It’s Mexico, cruising to victory by a mile despite a limp. Then comes Canada, followed by the United Kingdom, the Dominican Republic and France.

No, these are not early Winter Olympic results. These are the U.S. travelers’ five top foreign destinations, as measured by a new survey of travel data from 2012.

In that year, U.S. residents made 20.3 million trips to Mexico (mostly by land); 11.9 million trips to Canada (again, mostly by land); 2.5 million trips to the U.K., 2.3 million to the Dominican Republic and 2 million to France. These numbers come from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Travel and Tourism Office, which surveys Americans on their travels abroad and surveys foreigners on their travels here.

Every winter, the office releases results and we get a glimpse (with a year’s delay) of the international traveling set’s fluctuating tastes. Among other findings of the December 2013 report:

Overseas travel by Americans rose by 5% to 28.5 million in 2012 – faster than travel to Canada or Mexico. Over the same period, U.S. residents’ travel to Canada rose 3% while travel to Mexico fell 1%. American trips to Mexico were down slightly in 2011 and 2012. The annual figure has hovered between 19 million and 21 million since 2004.

After four years of slumping in the wake of the 2008 economic crash, American travel abroad is again on the upswing. U.S. residents made 60.7 million foreign trips in 2012, up from 59.2 million the year before. Between 2007 and 2011, the number of U.S. residents traveling abroad fell from 64.1 million to 59.2 million.

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The following is a reprint from Robert Reid, Lonely Planet’s U.S. Travel Editor lonely planet 

Are You Safer in Mexico Or America? By Robert Reid Lonely Planet’s US Travel Editor.

As Lonely Planet’s US Travel Editor, I frequently get asked if it’s safe to go to Mexico.  I have always said that, if you’re thoughtful about where you go, the answer is yes. Now, after my most recent trip there, I’m answering the question with another question: Do you think it’s safe to go to Texas?

What you don’t get from most reports in the US is statistical evidence that Americans are less likely to face violence in Mexico than at home, particularly when you zero in on Mexico’s most popular travel destinations. For example, the gateway to Disney World, Orlando, saw 7.5 murders per 100,000 residents in 2010 according to the FBI; this is higher than Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, with rates of 1.83 and 5.9 respectively, per a Stanford University report (see data visualization here, summarized on this chart, page 21). Yet in March, the Texas Department of Public Safety advised against “spring break” travel anywhere in Mexico, a country the size of the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy combined. Never mind that popular destinations like the Bahamas, Belize and Jamaica have far higher homicide rates (36, 42 and 52 per 100,000). Why the singular focus?Before you nix Mexico altogether, consider these five things:


1. Mexico may be more dangerous than the US overall, but not for Americans.

According to FBI crime statistics, 4.8 Americans per 100,000 were murdered in the US in 2010. The US State Department reports that 120 Americans of the 5.7 million who visited Mexico last year were murdered, which is a rate of 2.1 of 100,000 visitors. Regardless of whether they were or weren’t connected to drug trafficking, which is often not clear, it’s less than half the US national rate.



2. Texans are twice as safe in Mexico and three times safer than in Houston.

Looking at the numbers, it might be wise for Texans to ignore their Public Safety department’s advice against Mexico travel. Five per 100,000 Texans were homicide victims in 2010, per the FBI. Houston was worse, with 143 murders, or a rate of 6.8 – over three times the rate for Americans in Mexico.

3. And it’s not just Texas.

It’s interesting comparing each of the countries’ most dangerous cities. New Orleans, host city of next year’s Super Bowl, broke its own tourism record last year with 8 million visitors. Yet the Big Easy has ten times the US homicide rate, close to triple Mexico’s national rate.

Few go to Ciudad Juarez, a border town of 1.3 million that saw 8 to 11 murders a day in 2010 (accounts differ – CNN went with 8). It’s unlikely to ever be a tourism hostpot, but things have been quietly improving there. By 2011, CNN reported, the homicide rate dropped by 45%, and the first six weeks of this year saw an additional 57% drop, per this BBC story.

If that trend in Juarez continues all year, and it might not, the number of homicides would have dropped from over 3000 in 2010 to 710 in 2012. Meanwhile New Orleans’ homicide rate is increasing, up to 199 murders last year, equivalent to 736 in a city with the population of Juarez.

4. By the way, most of Mexico is not on the State Department’s travel warning.

The best of Mexico, in terms of travel, isn’t on the warning. The US warns against “non-essential travel” to just four of Mexico’s 31 states (all in the north: Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango and Tamaulipas). The warning goes on to recommend against travel to select parts of other states, but not including many popular destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, the Riviera Nayarit, Cancun, Cozumel and Tulum.

Meanwhile, 13 states are fully free from the State Department’s warning, including Baja California Sur, Yucatan, Mexico City, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guanajuato and others.

5. Malia Obama ignored the Texas advice.

Of all people, President Obama and first lady said “OK” to their 13-year-old daughter’s spring break destination this year: Oaxaca. Then Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum made snide remarks over that, perhaps overlooking that Oaxaca state has a smaller body count from the drug war than his home state’s murder rate (Oaxaca’s 4.39 per 100,000 to Pennsylvania’s 5.2).

Oaxaca state, not on the US travel warning, is famed for its colonial city, Zapotec ruins and emerging beach destinations like Huatulco. Lonely Planet author Greg Benchwick even tried grasshoppers with the local mezcal (Malia apparently stuck with vanilla shakes.)

So, can you go to Mexico?

Palace by the Sea in Manzanillo Mexico

Yes. As the US State Department says, “millions of US citizens safely visit Mexico each year.” Last year, when I took on the subject for CNN, one commenter suggested Lonely Planet was being paid to promote travel there. No we weren’t. We took on the subject simply because – as travelers so often know – there is another story beyond the perception back home, be it Vietnam welcoming Americans in the ’90s or Colombia’s dramatic safety improvements in the ’00s. And, equally as importantly, Mexico makes for some of the world’s greatest travel experiences – it’s honestly why I’m in this line of work.

So yes, you can go to Mexico, just as you can go to Texas, or New Orleans, or Orlando, or the Bahamas. It’s simply up to you to decide whether you want to.


Robert Reid is Lonely Planet’s US Travel Editor and has been going to Mexico since he was three (most recently to Chacala).

Robert_ReidLa Punta, Manzanillo Mexico


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Many articles have been written addressing the misconception that Mexico is not safe. The troubles are almost entirely limited to areas near the border or drug related.

Manzanillo is 1,000 miles from the border and has had no problems. It would be misguided to say the U.S. is unsafe because there is a mugging in Detroit.


Here is an excerpt from a recent WSJ article to help you assure yourself about a trip to Mexico.

A beach in Playas de Rosarito


Is it Safe to Go to Mexico – Wall St. Journal (excerpt)

Despite the travel alert, “we are not advising people not to go to Mexico,” says Heide Bronke Fulton, a State Department spokeswoman. She adds that the main areas of concern are cities and towns near the U.S. border. Travel alerts, which can caution against everything from cyclone season to terrorism threats, are far less severe than the State Department’s “warnings,” in place for countries like Iraq and Sudan, which essentially advise against traveling to a country altogether.

Cabo San Lucas, at the southern tip of Baja California.Mexico Tourism Board

Security experts say tourists can safely travel to Mexico — if they stay within known resort areas, avoid traveling to Mexico by road and steer clear of U.S. border areas. Mike Ackerman, president of the Ackerman Group, an investigative security firm, says most of the drug-trade crime within Mexico is “narco on narco” violence or violence against police. Kidnapping, another growing problem in Mexico, almost always targets wealthy Mexicans, not Americans or other foreigners.

Last month, Mexico’s Tourism Board launched a new Web site,, which has video testimonials from travelers who have visited Mexico recently and a map meant to clarify which areas were included in the U.S. government’s travel alert. Areas with red “alert” dots include Tijuana, Ciudad Juárez, Nogales and Chihuahua, all cities in the northwest part of the country that are near the U.S. border.

Many travelers haven’t canceled their Mexico travel plans, especially those visiting established resort areas of Mexico. Stacy Small, a Brentwood, Calif.-based travel agent, recently returned from Ixtapa and Los Cabos, where she says “there wasn’t any evidence of problems.” Out of more than a dozen clients she’s booked into the area, she says, several have called to ask her about safety, but so far only one has ended up changing plans.

Last week, Mike and Ann McGibbon stayed at the Azul Sensatori Hotel in Riviera Maya, about 1,300 miles from Chihuahua, with their 10-year-old daughter. The family has traveled to the area before, and the only change in their plans this time was that they didn’t “dilly dally at the airport” in Cancuacute, says Mr. McGibbon, a health-care company general manager from Libertyville, Ill. They spent their days walking along the beach, swimming and reading by the pool. “At no point did I feel unsafe,” says Mrs. McGibbon.


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Here are a few notes from our Guests who stayed at Palace by the Sea

“Our whole family thoroughly enjoyed our vacation in La Punta. Palace By The Sea was spectacular.

Frankly, as we had booked the Palace about 8 months prior to our arrival, we were quite disturbed about the negative news about Mexico on TV, radio, and newspapers. However, once we arrived in La Punta/Manzanillo we felt totally at ease. Not once did we feel any apprehension being in Mexico. We went into town and never looked over our shoulder or felt threatened. Everyone we encountered was pleasant and helpful.”

Downtown Manzanillo

Another guest writes:

“La Punta, the gated community where the Palace is located, is very safe. I jog around La Punta by myself – early morning or before sunset. And I never hesitate to leave for the surrounding streets of La Punta, the restaurants and shops etc. by myself.  People are so kind and helpful. I’ve been to many different parts of Mexico but Manzanillo is the only place I feel that way.”

Palacebythesea- Sant. Bay view 2-6-L

La Punta

Susan Dearing, an author from Branson, Missouri, who now lives in Manzanillo writes on her web page:

“How many of you grew up in a small town, where you left your windows open to catch a cool breeze on a hot July night, or left your car unlocked with the windows down when you went downtown to grocery shop? I grew up in a town like that, and am living in one now: Manzanillo!”


“Manzanillo is a tourist town; its citizens and businesses depend on you having a great and safe time while you’re here. Not only is the Mexican army and navy based in Manzanillo, but so is our PFP (“just say ‘no’ to drugs” cops). Even our traffic police wear buttons that state: “Say no to bribes”!

“Crime is virtually nonexistent here, especially violent crime. This is not Guadalajara, Acapulco or Mexico City. You can feel safe driving on any road in the state of Colima.”

“Manzanillo isn’t Mexico City, nor is it Los Angles, New York, Detroit or Toronto. Every city in the world has its plusses and minuses, but Manzanillo is, for all practical purposes, one of the safest and most friendly places on earth.”


Gazebo in the Zocalo in Manzanillo


You can read more guest comments on our testimonials page.

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Sometimes, when people inquire about staying at Palace by the Sea, the question arises – should I be concerned about safety?

The short answer is – in Manzanillo you do not need to be concerned about your safety. You are safer in Manzanillo than many U.S. cities. Mexico has some problem areas, but they are hundreds or thousands of miles from Manzanillo. Would you cancel a trip to New York because there was a crime in Las Vegas?

Screen shot 2013-12-26 at 11.59.19 AM


Palace by the Sea is located on the peninsula of La Punta which is very private (24 hour gated community) and is remote from metropolitan Manzanillo. See map:


Screen shot 2013-12-26 at 12.10.05 PM

A few years ago, this interesting article appeared in the Chicago Tribune: Is Mexico Safe? by Christopher Reynolds. Here’s an excerpt –

“Robert Reid, who has contributed to Lonely Planet’s Mexico volumes and serves as the New York-based U.S. travel editor for the guidebook publisher, likes to remind people that Mexico is about the size of France, Spain, Germany and Italy — combined.

Before you let trouble in one corner of the country affect your travel to another corner, he said, “Imagine a shootout in Sicily forcing a canceled vacation in Germany.”

Also, as Mexican officials are quick to note, most drug-war victims so far have been active partisans — that is, drug traffickers and law enforcement officials.”



Interestingly, cruise lines, which have stopped at Mazatlan for years, have recently rerouted to Manzanillo, as Manzanillo is safe.


Here is a short note and video on the topic by Palace by the Sea’s owner.

If you’re thinking twice about booking a vacation in Mexico we’d like you to know that La Punta and Manzanillo are as safe and wonderful as ever. Actually, the town of Manzanillo is very safe, and crime rates are low — mainly because the economy is so good, and jobs are plentiful. Also, the police force is very strong. The security gate is manned 24/7, and there are routine patrol cars. This the only entrance to La Punta, although La Punta could be accessed by boat, with considerable difficulty. The security entrance is very confined — one can’t drive around it. We have a 10-person security force, 24/7, and have had no incidents of any kind.

There are also many very wealthy people who live and stay on La Punta — practically all homes are valued at $1,000,000 or more. There are many prominent people who own/reside on La Punta. We have a 10-person security force, 24/7, and have had no incidents of any kind, much less a kidnapping. The FBI agents were probably referring to Mexico City, which is a problem. Also in the US-Mexico border towns relating to drugs. We are 500 miles from Mexico City, and perhaps 1,000 miles from the border. In all our dealings with Guests, this subject has never come up.

Frankly, I have never even been concerned about this subject, and feel my family and I are quite safe ANYWHERE in Manzanillo.


A quick look at google images for Manzanillo will give you and idea of the calm serenity AND beauty of the area. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have or to contact us to ask for more information. You can contact us here

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous host Robin Leach narrates this feature on Palace By The Sea.

Palace By The Sea is continually beautified and updated by the owners. We want to show you our current look (extended pool deck, new fabrics, bountiful full grown palm trees). The video includes the original TV soundtrack with fantastic new photos by Dale Fazendin.