Good Morning!
Thank you for the WONDERFUL opportunity...being a guest at The Palace! I am still trying to "dig out" which is the down side to vacation - returning to reality! Although, my memories of the fabulous vacation are fueling me through to ensure another visit is eminent! Your home is incredible. As mentioned in the Guest Report, the staff couldn't have done ANYTHING, not one single tiny thing, to make our trip better. The attention to the minute details is overly impressive! The way they took care of us made me feel almost GUILTY! Like a queen. I am now stepping up my goals to include more than one vacation per year!

I honestly cannot think of any suggestions that might make the Palace any better? We have for the past 7 years, spent our spring break vacation at a villa in Puerto Vallarta. That would be my only form of reference. I always thought it was "the best"....until now. I will never return to Puerto Vallarta. I am officially converted to Manzanillo and The Palace! I have already spread the word around Vancouver and, in fact, we passed around the Palace By The Sea post card in the entire first class cabin on our return flight home! I am walking advertisement for the splendor of everything that is....Palace By The SEA!!! My father who typically will not fly (prefers driving EVERYWHERE) is excited about a trip to the Palace. We are going to try and arrange for a family trip. With that said, how far out would we need to look (if even remotely possible?) to try and reserve over a holiday? Our preference would be Thanksgiving or New Years....any chance?

As for activity advice, I cannot really respond to that. The only activity I needed was the endless lounging and relaxing at The Palace! We did have a massage; which was wonderful. The horseback riding was really amazing! We went at sunset, to try and get a different view of the awe inspiring sunset! I would definitely recommend this activity.

Well, I could go on and on and on - but that dog gone pesky thing called "work" is screaming my name! Thanks again for the memories!

Warm (suntanned) Regards,

We had a fabulous time at palace by the Sea. It was even better than we expected!

The home was beautiful, comfortable, very clean and the scenery breathtaking. The staff is what made our whole experience a total delight! They pampered us from the very beginning. They couldn't have been more courteous, attentive and pleasant. They went out of their way to make us feel like royalty!!

And the food was absolutely delicious...the best!! We all particularly looked forward each day to see, what colorful and unique place setting would appear on the table. Our glasses were always filled, our plates cleared, and they even held the baby on occasion to make our meal even more enjoyable. No five star restaurant could have been better!!

Our wedding was perfect, jut what I wanted. Bonnie Sumlin made sure our ceremony was what we expected It had a Mexican flare, she wore a traditional Mexican dress and was able to find us a priest to bless our marriage. She even translated his blessing to us. We met her husband and truly enjoyed their company as well. We really appreciated that all of her costs are donated to charity. I would recommend her to any of your future guests. I've attached several photos of our wedding.

We all are now totally relaxed and hated to come back home!!

Thank you for all of your help,

Thank you for all your help, and your well wishes! We had such a wonderful and relaxing vacation. Your families home is absolutely beautiful and the staff was so warm and truly made our honeymoon special for us. We can not thank you all enough!

It has been a true pleasure working with you, as you made it so easy for us to just show up, and relax! Thank you again for all your help, and for opening up your family home to us.

With Sincere Regards,
Tom and Lisa C.

Thanks for sharing Palace by the Sea with us last week. We have traveled every continent (not Antartica) and I can truly say never had the experience we had last week. Lauren, me and all the kids had a fabulous time and the weather was fabulous. I am now working off the 5 lbs I gained from Pilars great cooking. The food was to die for. JP and Jose were wonderful hosts and Pati and the rest of the staff were the best.

All the best,

I just don't know where to begin when it comes to describing our time in your beautiful home. We actually had two villas rented to celebrate my 40th Birthday. In addition to the Palace we rented XXX. While both homes were beautiful and the guests at the other villa were delighted with their services and accommodations-there was no comparison! Palace by the Sea was hands down the ultimate. Your staff is what made the trip.

Every meal was more incredible than the one before and the different place settings, serving utensils were a wonderful touch. Jose never missed a beat. We had our beer, soda and water iced down 24X7 and never had to ask for a thing. On the day of my birthday I awoke to Mariachis playing outside the master suite with Jose and staff singing along. Everybody, including the staff had on matching T-Shirts. For lunch, six of us traveled to Hacienda de San Antonio-a wonderful place with outstanding service. I definitely recommend this property. Upon our return there was a three piece band and Mardi Gras theme party for me! Your staff deserves the highest remarks. They asked what color tables cloths we wanted for the tables, Jose assisted with the Piñata, they set up a bar and even assisted in the blowing up of the hundreds of balloons. The staff presented a birthday cake and we enjoyed time in the media room where my husband presented a 300 photo musical slide show and scrapbook covering the last 40 years. Yes, it was all about me and I loved it! Your home gave me memories of a lifetime.

Howie, one of my favorite things in life is to travel. In the past 12 months we have traveled to the Atlantis in the Bahamas, Bermuda and taken two cruises-your home and staff service was above any of those sea/land vacations. Manzanillo and specifically the Palace in La Punta is now our favorite Mexico destination and we have had the opportunity to vacation in Cabo, Mazatlan, Cozumel, La Paz and Puerto Vallarta. We so want to return and I know that many in our party would love to vacation at the Palace again.

Thank you for opening your home to us, having confidence in your staff, and displaying a true sense of professionalism! Please feel free to use us as a reference or post any portion of this email on your website!

Kelly and Dore H.

We spent this calm, beautiful night in the romantic indoor outdoor living area, looking up at the stars, while listening to the waves of the Pacific Ocean crash against the rocks below. We are so blessed to be here in this magnificent paradise.

We fell in love with Palace by the Sea (so aptly named) immediately upon arrival! There, waiting to greet us at the entrance, was the staff with beautiful welcoming smiles AND Margaritas!!!!! We decided right then and there, that at some future time, we might want to live on La Punta. A couple of days after our arrival, a realtor showed us two villas that were for sale; however, they pale in comparison to yours. We feel as if we are at our very own "five star" resort, private and romantic.

Frankie, you have cleverly thought of EVERY detail in the planning and construction of this beautiful villa. The architecture, reminiscent of Moorish design, is truly stunning. The indoor/outdoor concept of the villa flows, capturing the essence of our surroundings. Frankie, your special touch of elegance in decorating provides the tranquil ambience of the entire villa. What a wonderful place to entertain friends OR be romantically by ourselves. (We chose the latter!)

The Master Suite is our private haven, warm, comfy, romantic. We lay in bed and look out at the Pacific horizon. We read in the early morning hours in the alcove area, and after swimming in the pool, we take a special "siesta" before dinner. The many rooms: the media room, the well equipped exercise room, (which unfortunately we didn't use but should have) and the bedrooms all are situated to take maximum advantage of the views and environment.

The staff is "THE BEST," catering to our every need, making us feel so special. Pilar is a superb cook, serving us both delicious and elegantly prepared meals. Patty and Jose are so attentive, and yet, they give us the privacy we so desire. Jean Pierre, the house manager, checks with us every day, making sure all our needs are met. And thanks to Beto, the gardener, fresh flowers are in all the rooms as well as on the veranda. Cecelia spoils us with her visits in your private massage room.

I must tell you Rob has released years of stress. He's climbed along the coastal rocks below the villa. I've joined him at the thatched hut (I think you call it Palapa?) midway down to the rocks which Is surrounded by coconut trees and flowers, and took in the quietness and beauty. We drove the golf cart to the private sandy beach area as well. NEXT time, when we have more energy, we'll attempt playing tennis at the private club and maybe even go deep sea fishing! The gated community allows for special evening walks throughout the LaPunta grounds. We felt very very secure. And thank you for the use of the Suburban for our day trip to Colima and other nearby areas.

We will NEVER forget this memorable paradise. We thank you for allowing us to share "your" special Palace by the Sea. Love,
Rob and Dori

We had a great time. We did Colima (great guide Roberto), ATV's (highly recommend), Scuba, Jet Ski, and our favorite was a 2 hour cocktail cruise on a 42 foot nice boat. Seriously, I would recommend that to anyone as it fit every ones pleasures. The captain was Fernando and he toured the bays and took us to the sunken ship for a short swim (that was a family moment). Anyway, I need a vacation now to rest up!

Thanks for being such a great host.


Thank You!

From our initial inquiry regarding “Palace by the Sea,” I realized the word “Perfection” had been redefined. The kindness of your family, the rapid response to questions, the arrangement confirmations, etc., etc., were flawless.

As you know, Jeri (my wife) had absolutely no clue as to where we were about to spend my surprise upcoming week, with the exception that we were going to Manzanillo, Mexico. Upon arrival at the Manzanillo Airport, we cleared customs and requested a taxi to transport us to Las Hadas. Following a 30-minute drive through the countryside we were approaching Las Hadas, when I gave the taxi driver instructions to continue to La Punta. He turned and said “Muy Bien!”

We stopped at the security gates of La Punta, provided our identification where we received guest privilege cards and directions to the Palace. As we proceeded through the area, the homes and views were spectacular. (Jeri just thought we were passing through the area). As we arrived at the Palace, Jean Pierre, Jose and the Gardner were standing outside awaiting our arrival where they introduced themselves, opened the taxi door, helped us out of the car and gathered our luggage. Jean Pierre ask us to “step this way,” where we peered over the stair casing wall to the front entrance and noticed 4 additional staff personnel standing at the entrance with margaritas on a tray. UNBELIEVABLE! This was only the beginning…

Jeri looked at me and ask, “What in the world have you done?” After thirty years of marriage and putting up with me, she deserves only the finest that this world has to offer. After a tour of the Palace, hors d’oeuvres were served; we were presented with a bottle of champagne from the Alper’s and just savored the moment. The staff was professional beyond reproach. Our clothes were washed and ironed daily, meals so beautifully presented and tasteful, I will never want to eat in a restaurant again. The staff was available to drive us anywhere at anytime should we be uncomfortable driving ourselves. Following our first night, Mr. Alper phoned us to make certain that all of our needs were being properly taken care of. Jean Pierre visited daily to ensure our stay was comfortable.

The activities available were numerous, the private beach, deep-sea fishing, golf, tennis, etc. I requested that Cecilia come to the Palace to provide Jeri with a massage. It was enjoyed so much that Cecilia returned on three more occasions during our stay.

Most of all, the views of the ocean, the sunrise, the sunsets, the luxurious setting, the exquisite service and professionalism of the staff, the privacy, was romantic such that words will never be able to adequately describe our visit. Jeri and I will never forget the loving, romantic week we spent at the Palace. It is a “Life Experience.”

Thank You and your Family so very much for the kindness.

Jeri and I would be honored to share our Palace by the Sea vacation experience with anyone that may have questions. Please feel free to invite them to contact us.

Jeri & Mike Dennis
Home (972) 623-1750
Ofc. (972) 946-5401
Cell (817) 637-2182

The girls loved the Palace.

You need to be commended on having a 5 star setup. The house, as well as the service, was totally First Class.

By the way, all of these ladies lived in Mexico in the 80's. They are of group of friends for 25 years that modeled together in Mexico.

Again, thank you so much for everything. We will be recommending THE PALACE to all of our friends.

Best regards,
Richard Chase


I can't thank you enough for letting us have our wedding at your home! I have to send some photos to you in the future. We are definitely coming again someday. I have given your website to several people and let them know how perfect it is for a vacation (and special ceremony).

I am leaving tomorrow for Europe for our honeymoon, I am excited BUT with the way we were so spoiled at the palace .... we are not as excited to be in a "European flat" as most would be!!!

The staff is remarkable.
The house is picture perfect.
EVERYTHING is more than words could say!

Thanks again. I'll contact you soon (when back from Europe)

Mrs. Thomas W. Wright II (Stacey Smith)